Pegasus Awarded Cisco Federal Authorization

Pegasus Enterprise Holdings was awarded its Cisco Federal Authorization on July 21, 2017.  Pegasus works with various federal contracting agencies to supply new Cisco equipment and services via authorized supply channels.  TD Cisco Certificate of Completion US Federal Authorization_Pegasus Enterprise Holdings LLC

What this authorization means:

  • Federal agencies can avoid purchasing counterfeit or gray market products by selecting a trusted Cisco US Federal Authorized partner
  • US Federal Authorized partners will have a specific designation in the Cisco Partner Locator
  • Partners that are well-versed in selling to federal agencies can be distinguished as such to their customer base
  • Recognition by Cisco as an elite community of Federal Authorized and trusted partners
  • US Federal Authorized partners will receive a certificate proving their authenticity

If you are a U.S. federal government customer seeking to purchase Cisco products, we recommend that you only buy from authorized Cisco resellers. If you need help identifying Cisco authorized resellers, visit our Partner Locator.

Feel free to contact a member of our Federal Sales Team at (832) 645-4428.

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