industrialOur company is also actively engaged in industrial distribution, power generation, on-highway products & services, and aftermarket oil & gas equipment and parts sourcing.

We continue to expand and develop strong relationships with various industrial suppliers and manufacturers, ensuring the best possible value to our customers.

Our relationships with Tier 1 direct re-sellers allows us to expand the breadth and depth of our product and service offerings.

By leveraging our expertise, knowledge, and expansive vendor network, we position ourselves and our customers with significant competitive advantage when it comes to commercial and government market channels.

As an authorized value added dealer, we purchase directly from approved manufacturers and their direct re-sellers to ensure product integrity and trace-ability is assured.

Our commitment to fulfilling our customers’ requirements starts before and extends after the initial transaction.  Our ability to refine requirements prior to the transaction and provide aftermarket support after the transaction, allows us to facilitate the integration of vendor supply-side and customer demand-side order fulfillment to deliver the right product, at the right time, at the right place.  We are committed to providing continued support, whether it is training, product information, logistics, warranty, product information, demonstrations, or other specialized material support.